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Get Better Results at the Gun Range - Improved Sight Picture - Tighter Groups

The Magnetic Target Shooting Aperture improves your ability to see the front sight, rear sight and target when shooting with open sights. You get a much better sight picture which will help improve your accuracy! It requires no changes to your pistol or rifle. The pictures below demonstrate the improvement.



The Magnetic Target Shooting Aperture is a set of three neodymium, or rare earth, magnets. Two of the magnets have a small hole in them. They provide the opening, or "aperture", to improve your sight picture. The third magnet has a larger hole and is used to hold the aperture magnet in place.

Aperture Magnet

1/2" outer diameter
1/16" inner diameter
1/32" thick
Aperture Magnet

1/2" outer diameter
5/64" inner diameter
1/32" thick
Holding Magnet

1/2" outer diameter
1/4" inner diameter
1/16" thick

The Magnetic Target Shooting Aperture attaches to your shooting glasses or safety glasses. The holding magnet rests on one side of the lens and the aperture magnet rests on the other side. The magnetic force keeps both magnets on the lens opposite each other. The magnets easily slide on the surface of the lens so you can position it in just the right place. It can be used on the right or left lens. Shooting glasses are not included!

Looking through the aperture magnet while aiming increases the eye's ability to focus on multiple things at different distances. In photography this is know as "depth of focus". Depth of focus determines how much of the foreground and background is in focus relative to the main subject of the picture. This is the same concept used by the Magnetic Target Shooting Aperture. When the aperture is placed between the eye and the rear sight, then the front sight, rear sight and target are in focus while aiming.

Keep them clean! Keep the white protective surface of the magnets clean. Dirt or dust particles can cause scratches on the lens of your shooting glasses.

Benefits of the Magnetic Target Shooting Aperture
  • Flexibility to position the aperture so you don't have to alter your natural shooting stance
  • Two aperture sizes maximize the ability to sharpen your sight picture
  • Extremely light in weight - 0.1 ounces
  • Inexpensive
  • Can be used when shooting a pistol or rifle with open sights
  • Not restricted to one firearm like a scope
  • Can be used if you are right or left handed
  • If you wear prescription eyeglasses click here for more information

Start getting tighter groups now!


The Magnetic Target Shooting Aperture has been purchased by customers in the U.S. and several countries around the world.

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